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New Single by Chris Fullerton

News: Eight 30 Records is pleased to release Chris Fullerton's “All of My Good Friends” as a digital single on September 1! “The concept of 'All of My Good Friends' was inspired by Dante’s The Inferno,” Fullerton says, “wherein the story’s protagonist is unexpectedly ushered along a journey through the afterlife and finds himself traversing the depths of Hell where he recognizes the faces of friends and others once known to him in life, among those damned to their eternal suffering in death.” Keep an eye out for Fullerton's Consider the Shoebill, his full-length sophomore effort on Eight 30 Records, in the coming months!

New Single by Matt Harlan

Listen up to Matt Harlan's new single “What We Saw” featuring legendary Bad Livers banjo ace Danny Barnes and MilkDrive's Noah Jeffries on fiddle out now on Eight 30 Records!

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Accolades for Eight 30 Records

BIG NEWS: Eight 30 Records was just spotlighted on Turnedstyledjunkpiled.com.  CLICK HERE for the full article!

Floater: A Tribute to the Tributes to Gary Floater

Eight 30 Records is proud to announce the release the eighteen-song Floater: A Tribute to the Tributes to Gary Floater “  CLICK HERE to purchase now

Eight 30 Records Signs Matt Harlan

Eight 30 Records is proud to announce the signing of amazing singer-songwriter and performer, Matt Harlan.  Stay tuned for his upcoming release this fall (2018).

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